Hello world from Amazing Graze

Welcome to the brand new amazing Graze website. Built from the ground-up to show off our amazing efforts and help build up our fundraising efforts.

The website contains some fantastic sections. You can meet the team and get to know us all. You can participate in our “Another Brick In The Wall” fundraiser to help us own the Amazing Graze building. You can help spread the word with our sitewide social sharing options and much more.

More than anything, we wanted this website to be a fantastic place to give the outside world a proper picture of the amazing team and personality of Amazing Graze. Often labelled as a soup kitchen, we like to see ourselves as much much more. We are a community as strong as any family and we hope this comes across throughout the website.

Feel free to leave any comments below or have a good look around the website.

Thanks for reading.
Amazing Graze.

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